Weight Gain Comics: Discover the Hilarious World

Weight Gain Comics

Weight gain comics are a form of comic art that focuses on characters gaining weight. These comics typically feature characters with exaggerated physiques and may include themes of body positivity and acceptance.

Weight gain is a topic that has gained increasing attention in recent years, and weight gain comics are just one example of how this conversation is manifesting in popular culture. These comics often feature characters who experience weight gain as a positive transformation, celebrating their curves and embracing their bodies.

This genre can be seen as a response to the prevalent narrative of thinness and diet culture in mainstream media, and offers a space for people to explore different body types and representations. While not without controversy, weight gain comics are an interesting and unique addition to the world of comic art.

Discover the Hilarious World of Weight Gain Comics!

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The History Of Weight Gain Comics

Weight gain comics have become increasingly popular among comic book enthusiasts, with its unique approach and the way it tells stories. The genre has evolved significantly since its inception, with different artists and writers experimenting with their own styles and approaches.

In this section, we will explore the key points about the history of weight gain comics, popular weight gain comic artists, and their contributions to the genre.

Discuss The Origins Of Weight Gain Comics, Highlighting How They Have Evolved Over Time.

Weight gain comics are a relatively new but rapidly growing subgenre of comic books that first appeared in the early 2000s. These comics usually feature characters who undergo a physical transformation, going from being thin or average in size to becoming overweight or obese.

The stories depicting this transformation range from science fiction to slice-of-life tales.

In the beginning, weight gain comics were often overlooked by mainstream publishers of comic books as they believed that readers would not be interested in such content. However, over time, the genre gained a devoted fan base who appreciated the unique storytelling and creativity involved.

Now, weight gain comics are no longer confined to niche online communities or small press publishers. They are available as print comics at conventions and in comic book stores, as well as online on various platforms such as deviantart, patreon, and webcomics.

Mention Some Popular Weight Gain Comic Artists And Their Contributions To The Genre.

There are many talented weight gain comic artists out there who have contributed to the genre over the years. Here are some notable artists and their works:

  • Bojay: He is one of the oldest and most well-known weight gain comic artists. His artwork often features transformations, body swaps, and age regression themes. Some of his popular works include “the big splash,” which tells the story of a swim team who gains weight after exposure to a strange substance.
  • Rotten tail: He is known for his realistic and detailed drawings, particularly of female characters. His works often include science fiction, fantasy, and fairy tale themes. Some of his popular works include “office gossip,” which tells the story of a woman who gains weight due to stress from her job.
  • Jitensha: One of the newer artists in the field, jitensha is known for their unique art style that often includes humor and slice-of-life stories. Some of their popular works include “a day in the life of a big girl,” which features a young woman and her daily adventures after becoming overweight.

Each of these artists brings something unique to the weight gain comic genre and has made significant contributions to its development. Their works inspire and challenge other creators to continue exploring new and diverse stories.

The Appeal Of Weight Gain Comics

Weight gain comics are an unusual yet fascinating genre of comics that have taken hold of the internet in recent years. These comics revolve around characters experiencing weight gain, displaying their ups and downs in a comical, relatable, and thought-provoking manner.

Talk About Why People Enjoy Reading Weight Gain Comics, Highlighting The Humor And Relatability Of The Situations Portrayed In Them.

Thousands of people find enjoyment in reading weight gain comics for various reasons, including:

  • The humor portrayed in these comics tends to be light-hearted, with protagonists often taking things lightly even when dealing with unusual situations.
  • The situations portrayed in these comics are very relatable, and many readers can identify with gaining weight over time.
  • Many readers find weight gain comics to be an interesting spin on intentionally avoiding traditional beauty standards.
  • The comics’ unique yet relatable perspective also allows readers to develop an affinity towards the central characters of these comics, creating a sense of emotional attachment and empathy.

Mention How Weight Gain Comics Often Satirize Societal Norms And Expectations Regarding Weight And Beauty Standards.

Weight gain comics often satirize societal norms and expectations regarding beauty standards, weight loss, and body image. They exhibit that it is natural to gain weight, and accept that fact for what it is. They often showcase the illusionary beauty standards and body goals portrayed in the media as unrealistic and almost unachievable for most people.

  • These comics are successful in prompting social commentary via parody and humor.
  • They often put women’s body shaming in perspective by demonstrating that gaining weight may be more realistic than losing it, and a person may look fantastic, regardless of their body shape or size.
  • The comics portray the insidious effects of beauty standards and how it can impact one’s mental health and self-perception.

Weight gain comics perfectly encapsulate the myriad of emotions people experience while dealing with their bodies and people’s expectations concerning their weight. They also act as a much-needed commentary on how artificial constructs of beauty and body image are not constructive and, in some cases, even harmful.

The Best Weight Gain Comics To Check Out

Weight gain comics are a niche genre that offer a mix of humor, fantasy, and adventure. They often feature characters undergoing transformations that involve weight gain or growth. For fans of this genre, here are some of the best weight gain comics to check out.

The Expanding Universe Of Ashley Garcia

  • Ashley is a self-conscious young girl who wishes to be more like her confident sister. One day, she discovers a magic potion that promises to make her dreams come true. She takes the potion and begins to grow bigger and bigger. Ashley soon learns to embrace her new size and confidence.
  • The expanding universe of ashley garcia stands out due to its relatable main character and positive message of self-acceptance.

Kunio-Kun No Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu

  • This japanese comic combines sports and weight gain in a hilarious way. Kunio-kun, a high school athlete, eats a cursed hamburger that causes him to gain weight rapidly. Despite the challenges of his size, kunio-kun continues to play sports and even becomes a sumo wrestler.
  • Kunio-kun no nekketsu toukyuu densetsu offers a unique take on weight gain in a sports setting that is both funny and inspiring.


  • This webcomic follows the adventures of a group of gamers who find themselves pulled into their favorite video game world. The catch? They take on the physical characteristics of their avatars, and one character, in particular, becomes much heavier.
  • Pudge stands out due to its witty humor and engaging commentary on video game culture.

Bowser’S Kingdom

  • Bowser’s kingdom is a comedy webcomic set in the mario universe, but with a twist. In this world, bowser is a regular guy trying to make ends meet, and he and his friends are always getting into comedic situations. One of bowser’s friends, kamek, has a magic wand that can cause characters to gain weight.
  • Bowser’s kingdom offers a unique take on the mario universe that is both hilarious and subversive.

Flabby Science

  • Flabby science is a comedic webcomic set in a laboratory that specializes in weight gain research. The main character, a scientist named dr. baker, is obsessed with finding a weight gain formula that works. He creates a serum that, when combined with a doughnut, causes massive weight gain.
  • Flabby science is a hilarious take on weight gain that is perfect for fans of madcap science fiction.

Gaining Around

  • This lighthearted weight gain comic features a young girl named april who has always struggled with her weight. One day, she discovers a magical weight gain pill that causes her to gain weight rapidly. April decides to embrace her new body and finds love and acceptance along the way.
  • Gaining around is a heartwarming story of self-acceptance that is perfect for fans of romantic comedies.

Whether you are a fan of weight gain comics or just looking for something different and unique, these comics offer a range of engaging stories and hilarious humor that is sure to satisfy.

Controversies Surrounding Weight Gain Comics

Weight gain comics have stirred up a lot of controversies in recent times. While some people find them entertaining and enjoyable, others are critical of their depiction of body shape and size. This section discusses the criticisms leveled against weight gain comics and why they are problematic for some people.

Discuss The Criticisms Leveled Against Weight Gain Comics And Why Some People Find Them Offensive Or Problematic

There have been various criticisms of weight gain comics, and some of them include:

  • Promoting unhealthy body image: Some people argue that weight gain comics promote an unhealthy body image, which could encourage people to adopt unhealthy eating habits to achieve the ideal body shape depicted in these comics. The depiction of overweight characters as lazy, unattractive, and lacking self-esteem could also lead to discrimination and prejudice against overweight people, affecting their self-esteem and mental health.
  • Contributing to body shaming: Body shaming is a growing concern in the society, and the depiction of overweight characters in weight gain comics has been viewed as a form of body shaming. These comics often show overweight characters as objects of ridicule or disgust, perpetuating negative stereotypes about overweight people.
  • Portraying obesity as a joke: Weight gain comics that portray overweight characters in a humorous light are problematic. They reinforce the idea that obesity is a subject that can be laughed at, trivializing the serious health issues associated with being overweight.

Addressing The Question Of Whether Weight Gain Comics Contribute To Body Shaming Or Promote Unhealthy Body Ideals

The answer to this question is not straightforward, as it depends on the context of the comic and the message it is trying to convey. However, weight gain comics have the potential to promote unhealthy body ideals and contribute to body shaming.

It is essential to understand that bodies come in different shapes and sizes, and none of them are inherently right or wrong. Weight gain comics that celebrate body diversity and promote body positivity can reduce the stigmatization of overweight people.

While weight gain comics could be entertaining, it is crucial to be mindful of their impact on people’s body image and mental health. Creators of weight gain comics should strive to promote healthy body ideals and avoid promoting negative stereotypes about overweight people.

Frequently Asked Questions For Weight Gain Comics

What Are Weight Gain Comics?

Weight gain comics are illustrated stories that feature characters who undergo weight gain, either intentionally or unintentionally. These comics appeal to a specific niche community that appreciates larger body types and the related body positivity message.

Where Can I Find Weight Gain Comics?

Weight gain comics are available on various online platforms like reddit, deviantart, patreon, and various forums dedicated to the genre. Some artists even have their websites where they sell and showcase their work.

What Are The Benefits Of Reading Weight Gain Comics?

Weight gain comics feature diverse characters who embrace their bodies, eschew body shamming, and promote self-confidence. Readers can learn to appreciate larger body types, develop a positive self-image, and enjoy human diversity.

Who Should Read Weight Gain Comics?

Anyone interested in the body positivity movement, those looking for inclusive, diverse media, and people who have an interest in larger body types should read weight gain comics.

Are Weight Gain Comics For Adults?

Most weight gain comics are geared towards adult readers as some may contain mature themes, explicit language, or mild sexual content. However, some comics are appropriate for younger readers, and parents should always exercise caution and discretion when selecting reading materials for their children.

Can I Commission An Artist To Create A Weight Gain Comic?

Yes, some weight gain comic artists take commissions. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the project, artist’s expertise, and turnaround time. Check the artist’s website or social media platform for more information.


As we wrap up, it’s evident that weight gain comics have gained immense popularity over the years. It has become a medium to break stereotypes and embrace body positivity. Weight gain comics provide an opportunity to explore body types that are not typically portrayed in popular media.

By celebrating different body types, weight gain comics have helped individuals feel seen and accepted. Moreover, weight gain comics serve as a platform that fuels creativity and imagination. They encourage artists to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what is traditionally deemed acceptable.

The potential benefits of weight gain comics are endless, and as the industry continues to grow, we can expect to see more unique and captivating content that celebrates a diverse range of body types.

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